What training is recommended for moving from V5R20 CATIA to V6R2014x

Harri_1982 posted this 31 March 2014

We are experienced V5 CATIA users and have seen a little bit of V6R2014x CATIA and ENOVIA. Has anyone had any experience or know how much training might be required regarding moving in CATIA?

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Amit posted this 04 April 2014

This is a good on! I have heard V6R2014x is a complete game changer!!!!!!

If it was V5 to previous releases of V6, I would simple suggest a transition course as the design tools would vastly remain the same. I would assume this is the same for 2014x (I have not had a chance to play with it). Maybe just another transition course focused on 2014x to introduce users to the new interface?!

compton posted this 16 December 2014

The V6R2014 interface (and V6R2014x, V6R2015 etc) is much 'cleaner' with a single adaptive toolbar along the bottom and more use made of contextual and pop-up menus in the geometry window. It's logically laid out and even though the icons have been modernized (and made bigger - probably for touch-screen users), most would still be recognizable to an existing CATIA user. Most commands use familiar dialogues once the toolbar icon has been pressed.

For an existing CATIA V5 user, 1-2 days of transition training is required. This is the same as for previous versions of V6 and includes other things besides new interface awareness. Some users might need a little longer I guess to get fully productive but once you start using it you soon get used to it and see the benefits.