3D Mouse settings

Lee posted this 06 September 2013

One for those of you who use 3D mice (Spacemice or whatever). Does anyone else find that the default settings feel backwards? It seems to be based around manipulating and turning the object in front of you, but this stopped making sense to me the moment they added a visual floor into V6. Now it feels like all of the controls should be based around moving the camera around, so I invert all of it, meaning that anyone sits at my desk who tries to use it gets driven mad in about 3 seconds.

Anyone else have this problem? Is it worth having a company standard on this?

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CATIA GURU posted this 11 September 2013

I don;t have the luxury to use a 3D mouse.. bit to expensive to buy for personal use and not much fun with gaming. But I have seen them used in various videos and look like they could take a bit of getting use to.

Peter posted this 12 September 2013

Just looked at my own settings for mine and realised how nonsensical they are. I have all of the lateral axes inverted but all of the rotational axes in the standard direction, I also have zoom on the up/down setting. Seems to makes sense to my left hand, if not my brain.

One thing I will note is that I find it very useful to have the lateral sensitivity set much higher than the rotational, I find that I need to pan around the models much faster than it defaults to, but if I have the master sensitivity set to high enough to do that, then the spin speed becomes absurdly fast. I don't see any reason why I'd need to spin the model at 300rpm!

JTull posted this 12 September 2013

To be honest I only ever use my spacemouse when I need to control the camera and perform 2D mouse things at the same time (Usually selecting faces on opposite sides of a body). Otherwise I find rotating the camera with the 2D mouse much more precise.

Lee posted this 17 September 2013

I'm guessing a company standard isn't worth the fuss then. Looks like people are already too set in their ways on their own mice to change now.

Amit posted this 23 September 2013

We recently got 3D mouse at our office, mannn what a nice surprise! At first they were a main to use, but now they make it much easier to navigate and increase productivity. It often shaves a few minutes off your modelling time (Sad I know).

Takes a while to get use to it, but it is worth it in the end! I can even view my emails on mine... saves me having to open outlook... another few seconds shaved!